About Us

We are a wholesale accessories label selling to Independent retailers and stores. We have our own manufacturing facilities and we do source from other suppliers as well.

We spend a significant time on sourcing and manufacturing to ensure that our range exhibits our understanding of the latest trends.

Our business was established in 2010 and started to focus on wholesale from Spring 2014.

All our products are sourced and manufactured mainly in India, where the materials and skills to manufacture are available, especially the craft and traditional skills such as hand loom weaving, hand block printing, digital printing, screen printing, rotary printing etc.

We offer a wide range of fashion accessories and clothing. We use finest quality yarns for our products. Each product is very stylish and exclusive.

We believe in ethical business and make sure to pay our suppliers good prices. We also ask our suppliers and sub-supplier's to pay their staff fair wages, to have good working conditions, to treat them with respect and do not employ people under the minimum working age.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries at

E-mail : info@oceanray.uk

We aim to reply our e-mails within 24hours.


Thank you!